The Midnight Breed Character Guide

Part human, part otherworldly, the Breed has lived among humankind for thousands of years, maintaining a tentative peace built on secrecy, power, and the dark justice carried out by the formidable warriors of the Order.

But now, a blood war within the race is set to ignite. Vampires are going Rogue in startling numbers, feeding without discretion, killing humans in the streets. It is up to the Order to stop the spreading threat of Rogue domination–and in so doing, each of the warriors will be forced to confront private demons, darkest secrets, deepest fears. Some will know triumph, some will know loss, but each warrior can count on one thing: Love, when it finds him, will often come at the worst possible moment, with the least likely woman . . . and it will bring each of these powerful males to his knees.

Life as everyone knows it changes dramatically when the Breeds make their presence known to the world at large. The threat of violence reigns as the two species struggle to coexist. The only group preserving the fragile harmony is the Order, an elite cadre of Breed warriors dedicated to protecting humans and vampires alike. Only uniformed officials with the Joint Urban Security Taskforce Initiative Squad (JUSTICE), a government directed police detail comprised of hand-picked Breed and human officers were licensed to carry unconcealed arms or use deadly force in non-military situations.

Pretty much all credit for the information listed here goes to PhoenixFyre. I have a few secondary character to add, but she very kindly gave me her own stats and notes to create this guide, and it is much appreciated.

– The Dermaglyphs –

Wine, Indigo and Gold – aroused

Red and Black – enraged

Golden – somber

Deep Blood Red and Gold – urgent need to feed


white character guide

*This is a breakdown of all of the characters in Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breeds series, complete up to Edge of Dawn.  While I have tried to keep things general, this is a reference that may include spoilers.

This is alphabetical by first name, with main or vital characters highlighted in blue.


Alexandra “Alex” Maguire – Shades of Midnight

  • Breedmate
  • lived in Alaska
  • courageous and determined
  • father Hank suffered from Alzheimer’s before his death
  • mother and brother Richie killed by a Rogue in Florida when she was 9
  • has been a bush pilot since age 12
  • owned McGuire
  • has a wolf dog named Luna
  • instinctual lie detector by a mere touch
  • scent of wind and woods, honey and almond
  • Breedmate mark on her left hip
  • around 27 years old
  • tall and lean
  • blonde hair past her shoulders
  • caramel brown eyes
  • best friend of Jenna Tucker Darrow
  • mate of Kade

Andreas Reichen – Ashes of Midnight

  • Breed Darkhaven leader
  • was leader of the largest Darkhaven in Germany
  • Darkhaven destroyed and family killed by Roth
  • around 300 years old
  • a consummate gentleman
  • loyal to a fault
  • fierce temper
  • power of pyrokinesis
  • learned about his power when he accidentally killed innocent people
  • charming and good mannered with a touch of the cynic
  • very wealthy, likes the finer things in life
  • mysterious and sophisticated with smoldering sexuality
  • used a blood host named Helene
  • forced to kill Helene when she was turned Minion by Roth
  • survived a Rouge attack in 1809
  • considers Tegan a friend, thinks highly of the Order
  • becomes Commander for Order Headquarters in Germany
  • an Elder in the Order and an Order Diplomat
  • movie-star handsome
  • dry sense of humor
  • long, wavy chestnut colored hair worn loose
  • hazel eyes
  • strong jaw, sharp cheekbones
  • deep voice
  • mate of Claire Roth

Aric Chase

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • trains under his father Sterling Chase
  • due to be inducted into the Order
  • will be assigned to Dante Malabranche’s team in Seattle, Washington
  • has a photographic memory and the ability to wrap himself in shadows
  • son of Sterling Chase and Tavia Fairchild
  • twin brother of Carys Chase
  • best friends of Rafe Malabranche
  • 20 years old



  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Breed Warrior
  • part of Mira’s crew based in Montreal
  • strong and ruthless
  • part of the Order since the early years following First Dawn
  • dark hair, hawkish golden eyes
  • olive skinned
  • heavily muscled

Ben Sullivan

  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • Boston born
  • friend and former boyfriend of Tess Culver
  • activist for abused exotic animals
  • good looking, smart and charming
  • had been a chemical engineer and developer in a cosmetics company
  • fired because of his stand on animal testing
  • creator and dealer of the drug Crimson
  • stalks Tess Culver after she breaks up with him
  • jealous and obsessive
  • bright blue eyes and a sunny smile
  • golden blonde hair
  • beaten and nearly killed by Sterling Chase


  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • a Rogue
  • club-goer and partier
  • tall and lean
  • becomes boyfriend of Kendra Delaney
  • sets the explosion that killed Conlan MacConn
  • killed himself in the explosion

Brock – Taken by Midnight

  • Breed warrior
  • recruited into the Order out of Detroit, Michigan
  • had been the bodyguard for Corinne Bishop’s family
  • about 110 years old
  • ability to absorb the pain and suffering of others
  • wide mouth, deep rolling baritone voice
  • huge, with linebacker sized shoulders
  • fierce looking
  • a nightmare of a fighter
  • tall, dark and silent type
  • a great driver, loves cars
  • trained with Kade under Niko
  • now oversees the Order Command Headquarters in Atlanta along with his Breedmate Jenna Darrow
  • an Elder in the Order
  • glyphs from his arms down to his thighs
  • 6 foot 6, over 250 pounds
  • flawless dark brown skin
  • dark brown eyes
  • skull-trimmed dark hair
  • mate of Jenna Tucker Darrow


Camden Chase

  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • Breed
  • Boston Darkhaven youth
  • 18 years old
  • son of Elise Chase
  • father Quentin Chase killed in a Rogue attack 5 years before
  • nephew of Sterling Chase
  • friend of Jonas Redmond
  • clean-cut and friendly
  • had been accepted into Harvard Law
  • tousled light brown hair
  • left home after a fight with his mother
  • turns Rogue after taking the drug Crimson
  • killed by Sterling Chase


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • a human rebel
  • on the crew for Bowman
  • saved Bowman’s life eight years ago and also feeds him when needed
  • witnessed her Darkhaven Breed lover being killed with UV bullets in the streets of Boston
  • caught by the Order but released as a favor to Kellan Archer
  • has many tattoos
  • long black hair
  • hazel eyes

Carrigan, Officer

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Boston police officer
  • takes Gabrielle Maxwell’s report on the murder she witnessed
  • hint of an Irish brogue
  • thinning hair
  • overweight and loud
  • close to retiring
  • killed by a Minion on his last day on the job

Carys Chase

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • first female Breed ever born
  • a Daywalker
  • cultured but fierce
  • has a photographic memory and able to wrap herself in shadows
  • best friend of Breedmate of Jordana Gates
  • having a secret affair with bad-boy cage fighter Rune
  • daughter of Sterling and Tavia Chase
  • twin sister of Aric Chase
  • beautiful
  • long caramel brown hair
  • sparkling blue eyes
  • 20 years old


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Atlantean
  • owner of the Club “La Nolte”
  • runs illegal Breed cage fighting in his club
  • almost as large as a Breed male, but neither Breed nor human
  • radiates a superhuman power than can’t be reconciled
  • tiny sliver rings pierce each ear
  • tip of his tongue pierced with a black stud
  • short-cropped spiked silver-white hair
  • peridot green eyes with dark eyebrows

Claire Roth – Ashes of Midnight

  • Breedmate
  • father was an African Doctor, mother was from Newport, Rhode Island
  • parents killed in an insurgent attack on their camp
  • composes music and plays piano
  • fell in love with Andreas Reichen 30 years ago
  • after Andreas Reichen disappeared, entered into an arranged marriage with Wilhelm Roth
  • has the ability to walk in the dreams of others
  • scent is that of vanilla and warm spices
  • Breedmate mark on the right side of her neck at the pulse point
  • light cocoa-colored skin
  • soft black hair
  • dark brown eyes
  • mate of Andreas Reichen

Conlan MacConn

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • late generation Breed Warrior
  • part of the Order for 100 years
  • originally from Scotland, a Highlander
  • human mother was the daughter of a Scottish Chieftan
  • soft spoken and serious
  • consummate tactician
  • killed in an explosion saving a fellow warrior
  • was planning to leave the order following the birth of his son
  • 500 years old
  • heavily muscled
  • copper colored hair
  • had been mated for 402 years
  • Breedmate Danika MacConn pregnant when he was killed
  • son Connor MacConn born after his death

Connor MacConn

  • son of Breed warrior Conlan MacConn and Danika MacConn
  • father Conlan MacConn killed in an explosion before his death
  • step-son of Brannoc
  • has the ability to read the thoughts of others
  • big blue eyes and pale blonde hair

Corelli, Mrs.

  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • client of Tess Culver
  • owns a white Persian cat named Angel
  • elderly lady
  • poor, has a disabled husband
  • works cleaning houses

Corrine Bishop – Deeper Than Midnight

  • Breedmate
  • was known as a “wild child”
  • born in the 1920’s
  • abandoned as a baby
  • adopted by Victor and Regina Bishop as a child
  • Breed warrior Brock hired by the Biship family as her bodyguard
  • kidnapped from a Jazz club on her 18th birthday
  • spent 75 years as a prisoner
  • one of the Breedmates held captive by Dragos and used to create a new army of Gen One warriors
  • son Nathan used as a soldier in Dragos’s army
  • determined to rescue her son
  • from Detroit, Michigan
  • sonokinetic ability, or the power to control sounds, manipulate them into weapons
  • scent of dark bergamot and violets
  • Breedmate mark on the back of her right hand
  • looks no more than 30 even though she is 90 years old
  • 5 foot 4
  • oval face, light porcelain skin
  • large, almond shaped blue-green eyes
  • long, jet black hair
  • mother of Nathan
  • mate of Hunter


Danika MacConn – A Taste of Midnight

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Breedmate
  • originally from Denmark
  • strong minded, but sweet and kind
  • ability to read the thoughts of others
  • was 3 months pregnant when mate Conlan MacConn died fighting Rogues
  • was with first mate Conlan MacConn for 402 years
  • left the Boston compound and returned to Denmark with her son Connor after Conlan’s death
  • Breedmate mark on her abdomen
  • 5 foot 11
  • striking Nordic features
  • light blonde hair
  • light blue eyes
  • former mate of Conlan MacConn
  • mother of Connor MacConn
  • mate of Brannoc

Dante Malabranche – Kiss of Crimson

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Breed Warrior
  • originally from Rome, Italy
  • had a scholarly, aristocratic father that was killed by a jealous political rival
  • mother drowned trying to rescue a floundering child
  • born in the 1770’s
  • one of the first warriors recruited by Lucan Thorne
  • also known as Stallion
  • ruthless, strong and fierce
  • strength and danger seem to radiate off of him in waves
  • always gentlemanly, but doesn’t take crap from anyone
  • brutal fighter, fast reflexes
  • loves combat, fights like there is no tomorrow
  • solitary at times, but very loyal to his Breed brothers
  • has a great sense of humor
  • determined, and likes to get his own way
  • despises the blood thirst side of his nature
  • incredible physical strength
  • uses twin curved blades he calls his Malebranche
  • clairvoyant, has visions of the deaths of those he loves
  • looks like a Greek God
  • tends to wear black biker leathers and a black leather trench coat
  • now oversees the Order Command Headquarters in Seattle, Washington
  • an Elder in the Order
  • drives a black Porsche
  • 6 foot 6 and 250 pounds, well built
  • long, wavy black hair, olive skin
  • golden whiskey colored eyes
  • wide, sensual lips, lean face
  • close friendship with Sterling “Harvard” Chase
  • son Xander Raphael “Rafe” Malabranche born in Darker After Midnight
  • mate of Tess Culver

Darion “Dare” Thorne

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Gen Two Breed Warrior
  • son of Lucan Thorne and Gabrielle Maxwell
  • training under Tegan
  • highly skilled in weapons and combat training
  • very intelligent and strong willed
  • very stubborn
  • a born leader
  • has the ability to find Breed/Rogue compounds or cells
  • studying the journals Jenna Darrow has kept for the past 20 years
  • determined to be a Breed Warrior, against his father’s wishes
  • not interested in politics
  • dark chestnut hair
  • topaz eyes
  • 19 years old


  • first mentioned in Kiss of Midnight
  • an antiques dealer
  • gay
  • in a committed four year relationship with Gabrielle Maxwell’s friend Jamie

Dylan Alexander Atanacio – Midnight Rising

  • Breedmate
  • originally from New York City
  • reporter
  • Greek father
  • 32 years old
  • strong minded
  • has a good sense of humor
  • mother killed by Dragos
  • brother Morrison died years before
  • other brother Lennon joined the armed forces
  • ability to see and converse with the ghosts of dead Breedmates
  • scent of juniper and honey and warm summer rain
  • Breedmate mark on the top of her spine by her neck
  • gold flecked green eyes
  • long, wavy, flame red hair
  • light dusting of freckles across her nose
  • mate of Rio



  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Breed
  • second in command of Nathan
  • brown hair
  • cowboy rugged good looks, quicksilver smile
  • slow, Texas drawl

Elise Chase – Darker After Midnight

  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • Breedmate
  • came from a poor family from the slums of Boston
  • rescued by the Chase family as a child
  • lived in a Darkhaven among the Breed for more than a century
  • did not venture out into the human population for decades
  • first mate Quentin Chase died in a Rogue attack
  • sister-in-law of Sterling Chase
  • son Camden turned Rogue by taking Crimson and was killed at age 18 by Sterling Chase
  • changes from fragile and sheltered to strong and determined after the death of her son
  • ability to hear the ugly thoughts of humans, Rogues and Minions
  • scent of rose and heather
  • Breedmate mark on the inner side of her right thigh
  • long, white blonde hair later cut short into pixie style
  • lavender colored eyes
  • angular features
  • works to develop a more athletic shape
  • mate of Tegan
  • son Micah with mate Tegan


  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Breedmate
  • Spanish
  • model-beautiful
  • vivacious and charming, fun and lively
  • wants her mate to leave the Order
  • trades her body and inside information to the Rogue Master
  • arranges to have Lucan Thorne killed
  • denounced by Rio after her betrayal of the Order
  • slices her own throat and kills herself


  • first mentioned in Kiss of Midnight
  • Gen One Breed
  • older brother of Lucan Thorne
  • brother of Marek
  • went Rogue soon after he reached adulthood
  • killed in combat fighting for the Rogues



Gabrielle “Gabby” Maxwell – Kiss of Midnight

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Breedmate
  • mother attacked by Rogues and spent the rest of her life in a mental hospital until she hanged herself
  • mother’s name unknown
  • no known family
  • has always felt an outsider
  • adopted by the Maxwell family at age 12 after years spent in the foster care system
  • adoptive family killed in a car accident
  • saved from a Rogue by Lucan Thorne when she was a year old
  • mother had hid her in a garbage bin
  • had an issue with cutting herself as a teenager
  • strong-minded and determined, but introverted by nature
  • smart, friendly and witty
  • a professional photographer
  • ability to sense Breed/Rogue compounds
  • immune to the hypnotic power of vampires
  • Breedmate mark behind her left ear
  • has a jasmine scent
  • 28 years old
  • small and curvy
  • gold-ginger colored hair
  • soulful topaz colored eyes
  • alabaster skin
  • mate of Lucan Thorne
  • son Darion with mate Lucan Thorne


  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • second generation Breed Warrior
  • founded the Boston compound with Lucan Thorne in 1898
  • originally from London, England
  • has been with the Order for over 300 years
  • has a slight English accent
  • charming, with a dry wit
  • good at diffusing a tense situation
  • off the charts IQ, brilliant with technology
  • has some medical training
  • a relentless bloodhound, tenacious and determined
  • skilled with a sword
  • was one of a set of triplets
  • brothers killed by Rogues around 300 years ago outside the London Darkhaven
  • gave up Rogue hunting for technology for his mate
  • now an Elder in the Order and works at Main Order Headquarters in Washington DC with Lucan Thorne
  • cropped blonde spiky hair
  • sharp blue eyes behind slim silver glasses
  • tall and lean
  • boyish good looks
  • mate of Savannah Depree since 1974


Hunter – Deeper Than Midnight

  • Breed Warrior
  • born August 8th, 1956
  • bred from the last surviving Ancient as a genetic experiment
  • very rare Gen One dermaglyphs from neck to ankle
  • raised for Dragos’ army since childhood
  • the best assassin in Dragos’ army
  • extensively trained
  • sleeps standing up against a wall naked
  • only begins to actually live when he joins the Order
  • not used to physical contact
  • incredible strong and powerful
  • blood precognitive reader who can experience a person’s memories through their blood
  • logical and unemotional
  • coldly intelligent and relentlessly disciplined
  • strong, calm and confident
  • now oversees the Order Command Headquarters in new Orleans
  • an Elder in the Order
  • 6 foot 6
  • hawk like golden eyes
  • shaved blonde hair
  • step-father/half brother of Nathan
  • half-brother of Tavia Fairchild
  • mate of Corrine Bishop




  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • best friend and unofficial big brother of Gabrielle Maxwell
  • owner of an art gallery
  • gay
  • androgynous cut blonde hair
  • in four year relationship with antiques dealer David
  • kidnapped by Minion Kendra to use against Gabrielle Maxwell

Javier (Doc)

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • a human rebel
  • a medic
  • part of Bowman’s crew
  • served as a medic in the U.S. Military
  • brown eyes with black eyebrows
  • caught by the Order but set free as a favor to Kellan Archer


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Breed Warrior
  • part of Nathan’s crew in Boston
  • carries hand-crafted razor-edged throwing stars
  • completely lethal, with a deadly grace
  • ebony hair
  • half Asian

Jenna Tucker Darrow – Taken by Midnight

  • lived in Alaska
  • husband Mitch and 6 year old daughter Libby killed in a auto accident 4 years ago
  • spent a month in a coma after the accident
  • brother Zach a crooked Sheriff who was killed by the Ancient
  • nearly killed by her brother Zach
  • former state Trooper who was taken hostage by the Ancient
  • left more dead than alive by the Ancient
  • the Ancient left a small piece of himself inside an incision on the nape of her neck
  • has nightmares of combat and catastrophe, speaks the language of the Ancients
  • not sure what she is turning into
  • has psychic abilities and advanced physical strength, hightened senses
  • has dermaglyphs forming on the back of her neck and down her spine
  • part Ancient
  • has kept a journal for over 20 years which are stored in the Washington DC Library
  • journals being studied by Darion “Dare” Thorne
  • 33 years old
  • shoulder-length brown hair that is shaved off
  • hazel eyes
  • 5 foot 8
  • best friend of Alexandra
  • mate of Brock

Jeremy Ackmeyer

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • human
  • nephew of Charles Benson
  • a genius
  • known as one of the greatest minds of all time
  • highly eccentric young scientist
  • reclusive and phobia riddled
  • germophobic
  • kidnapped by Bowman
  • conducts experiments with UV
  • taken by Vince
  • killed in a lab explosion

Jonas Redmond

  • first mentioned in Kiss of Crimson
  • Breed
  • Boston Darkhaven youth
  • goes Rogue after taking the drug Crimson
  • friend of Camden Chase
  • killed by Dante after attacking a human female

Jordana Gates

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • a Breedmate
  • from the Boston Breedhaven
  • best friend of Carys Chase
  • gave Nathan his first kiss
  • wealthy and cultured
  • stunningly beautiful
  • thick wavy platinum hair falling to the back of her thighs
  • expressive oceanic-blue eyes

Julian Webb

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Breed
  • has been part of Mira’s squad in Montreal for around a year
  • placed on Mira’s team by Lucan Thorne to keep an eye on her
  • diplomatic
  • product of a privileged upbringing
  • devastating charm
  • Adonis handsome


Kade – Shades of Midnight

  • Breed warrior
  • from Alaska
  • around 100 years old
  • nephew of Maksim
  • son of Kir and Victoria
  • left his Darkhaven to flee the dark nature of his twin brother Seth
  • brother Seth turned Rogue, but died saving Kade from the Ancient
  • power to connect psychically with predatory animals, control them and see through their eyes
  • wildly passionate, intensely caring, and fiercely protective
  • snarky sense of humor
  • loves to hunt and kill Rogues
  • weapon of choice is a 9mm
  • dermaglyphs across his arms, shoulders torso and thighs
  • now oversees the Order Command Headquarters in Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • an Elder in the Order
  • carries the scent of pine and arctic air
  • 6 foot 4, 250 pounds
  • spikey jet black hair
  • silver wolf-like eyes
  • golden skin
  • mated to Alexandra McGuire

Kellan Archer – Edge of Dawn

  • 3rd Gen Breed Warrior
  • son of Christophe Archer and Grandson of Lazaro Archer
  • kidnapped when he was 14 by Dragos
  • wanted to be a warrior since his family was killed by Dragos
  • training partners with Mira while growing up
  • scent of leather and spice
  • presumed dead by the Order for 8 years
  • was believed to have been killed in combat
  • saw a vision in Mira’s eyes that caused him to leave the Order
  • leads a band of human rebels who carry out their own justice
  • killed Reginald Crowe
  • smooth, swaggering walk
  • 34 years old
  • wavy ginger colored hair
  • hazel eyes
  • bronze skin
  • mate of Mira

Kendra Delaney

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • friend of Gabrielle Maxwell
  • a nurse
  • spunky and fun
  • unapologetically free-spirited
  • committed to staying single until at least 30
  • becomes girlfriend of Brent
  • taken by Rogues
  • turned into a Minion
  • kidnaps David
  • kills herself under orders from the Rogue leader Marek
  • dark hair


Lazaro Archer

  • Gen One Breed
  • grandson Kellan Archer kidnapped by Dragos
  • son Christophe and mate Eleanor killed by Dragos
  • over 1000 years old, but looks around 30
  • very powerful
  • abilities include telepathy and telekinesis
  • now oversees the Order Command headquarters in Italy
  • midnight blue eyes
  • jet black hair
  • 6 foot 5
  • mate of Eleanor “Ellie” Archer

Lucan Thorne – Kiss of Midnight

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Gen One Breed warrior
  • part of the first generation of Breed children to rise up and defeat the Ancients
  • father killed his mother in a fit of Bloodlust
  • killed his father and burned his castle to the ground
  • founder of the Order nearly 700 years ago along with Tegan and Marek
  • leader of the Breed Warriors
  • founded the Boston Breed compound in 1898 with Gideon
  • brother Marek was leader of the Rogues
  • brother Evran deceased
  • over 900 years old
  • incredibly powerful, nearly pure bloodline
  • powers include telepathy and telekinesis, mind control
  • serious, loyal and dedicated
  • first duty has always been to the Breed
  • very honest
  • aggressive and determined
  • before meeting Gabrielle Maxwell, was on the edge of Bloodlust
  • wears two titanium edged swords
  • now considered the leader of the Breed nation as a whole
  • known as Chariman Thorne
  • oversees the Order’s Global Command Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
  • lead Elder in the Order
  • covered in dermaglyphs from his head to his feet
  • 6 foot 5 and heavily muscled
  • dark, glossy, spikey black hair
  • angular, strong features
  • pale silver eyes flecked with amber
  • strong jawline
  • mate of Gabrielle Maxwell
  • has a son Darion “Dare” Thorne with Gabrielle Maxwell


Malcolm “Brannoc” MacBain – Taste of Midnight

  • Breed
  • originally from the Scottish Highlands
  • owns a castle in Scotland
  • former best friend of Conlan MacConn
  • newly pregnant mate killed by Rogues
  • seems withdrawn and unemotional
  • dermaglyphs on his torso, thighs and shoulders
  • thick chestnut-brown hair over his eyes
  • gunmetal gray eyes
  • golden skin
  • step-father of Connor MacConn
  • mate of Danika MacConn


  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Gen One Breed
  • oldest brother of Lucan Thorne and Evran
  • one of the first Breeds to rise up and defeat the Ancients
  • founder of the Order, along with Lucan Thorne and Tegan
  • believed to have fallen to Bloodlust and killed himself by walking into the sun
  • had actually become the Rogue Master
  • makes a deal with Eva to destroy the Order
  • responsible for the explosion that killed Conlan MacConn
  • turns Kendra Delaney Minion
  • buys all of the photographs done by Gabrielle Maxwell
  • headquarters destroyed by the Order
  • tall and dark haired
  • Icy gray eyes

Mathias Rowan

  • Breed
  • the Director of Darkhaven Enforcement Agency in Boston
  • works with the order
  • over 100 years old


  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • friend of Gabrielle Maxwell
  • dating police officer Ray


  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • human
  • female Dante Malabranche picks up as a Bloodhost


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Gen Two Breed Warrior
  • just out of Warrior training
  • on his first Black Ops mission in Budapest
  • has the ability to hear the ugly thoughts of humans and recognize minions
  • can tell if someone is lying to him with just a touch
  • able to feel the emotions of others with physical contact
  • 20 years old

Mira – Edge of Dawn

  • Breedmate
  • Squad Captain in Montreal
  • 29 years old
  • long pale blonde hair worn in a braid
  • long legged
  • Breedmate mark along her left temple at the hairline
  • mirror-like silvery-white eyes, but wears purple contact lenses
  • others see their future when they look into her eyes
  • if ability is used too much, she will lose her sight
  • adopted by Nikolai and Renata
  • based in Montreal
  • spent her childhood raised in the Order
  • trained hard to become a warrior
  • highly skilled with blades and in hand to hand combat
  • fights to be accepted by the Order
  • close friends with Nathan and Xander Raphael “Rafe” Malabranche
  • in love with Kellan Archer since childhood
  • mate of Kellan Archer



  • Gen One Breed Warrior
  • Squad Captain in Boston
  • 33 years old
  • created by Dragos to be part of his Gen One army
  • spent his early years as an assassin for Dragos
  • son of Corrine Bishop and the Ancient
  • step-son and half-brother of Hunter
  • inherited his mother’s sonokinetic ability to use sound as a weapon
  • dark and troubled childhood
  • operates on logic and strength
  • does not believe in faith
  • seems remote and closed off
  • shuts out emotion
  • stoic and unreadable
  • killed Rooster for mocking Mira
  • touch and tenderness put him on edge
  • dermaglyphs from his head to his feet
  • jet black hair cut military short
  • broad, sexy mouth
  • almond shaped blue-green eyes
  • best friends with Mira
  • got his first kiss from Breedmate Jordana Gates

Nikolai “Niko” – Veil of Midnight

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Breed warrior
  • the most relentless and vicious fighter of the Breed
  • adrenaline junkie
  • 170 years old, came of age during the Cold War
  • born in Siberia
  • younger brother Dmetri killed by a rival of Niko’s
  • disowned by his family
  • brash and bold
  • able to control and mutate plant life
  • very protective, tender and honorable
  • great sense of humor, fun to be around
  • first line of defense when it comes to guns and gadgets
  • weapons master
  • strong and athletic
  • now oversees the Order Command Headquarters in Montreal
  • an Elder in the Order
  • golden sandy-blonde hair, striking angular features
  • glacial ice-blue eyes
  • dimples when he smiles
  • guardian and adopted father of Mira
  • mate of Renata


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • human rebel
  • one of Bowman’s crew
  • in charge of communications for the rebel base camp located south of Boston
  • petite
  • heavily pierced ears and face
  • short hair dyed indigo
  • large brown eyes


  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • veterinary assistant of Tess Culver
  • 21 years old
  • college student
  • studying to be a veterinarian
  • friendly and kind


Octavia “Tavia” Fairchild – Darker After Midnight

  • Breedmate, first known female Breed and Atlantean
  • same abilities as the Breeds, but able to walk in the sun
  • raised by who she thought was her aunt Sarah
  • Aide to Senator Clarence
  • very honest
  • suffered anxiety attacks and headaches most of her life
  • has always been on medication
  • has a photographic memory
  • fast and very strong
  • has Gen One dermaglyphs all over her body
  • Breedmate mark on her lower back
  • 27 years old
  • very tall, with an athletic build
  • long, wavy caramel-brown hair
  • spring green leaf colored eyes
  • half sister of Hunter and Nathan
  • mate of Sterling Chase
  • mother of twins Carys and Aric Chase



Quentin Chase

  • first mentioned in Kiss of Crimson
  • Director of the Enforcement Agency
  • mate of Elise Chase for almost 100 years
  • father of Camden Chase
  • brother of Sterling Chase
  • rigid and commanding
  • strong and honorable
  • killed in a Rogue attack 5 years before


Rafe Malabranche

  • Breed Warrior
  • Xander Raphael Malabranche
  • born December 17th, 2010
  • 19 years old
  • son of Dante Malabranche and Tess Culver
  • new recruit for The Order
  • part of Nathan’s Crew
  • highly capable and wise beyond his years
  • born with his father’s innate courage and virtually unmatched fighting skills
  • inherited his mother’s ability to heal with a touch
  • clairvoyant
  • brought Kellan Archer back to life along with his mother Tess Culver
  • honey colored wavy hair
  • aquamarine eyes
  • 6 foot 6
  • lean, but muscular
  • very attractive


  • first mentioned in Kiss of Midnight
  • police officer
  • boyfriend of Gabrielle Maxwell’s friend Megan

Reginald Crowe

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • an Atlantean
  • comes from a race that has been secretly living on earth for centuries
  • enemy of the Ancients and the Breeds
  • plans to destroy both human and Breed and take over the world
  • business tycoon
  • the world’s wealthiest man
  • owns various resorts all over the world
  • extremely arrogant
  • cannot be killed with bullets or blades, only by decapitation
  • superhuman strength and agility
  • tall and fit
  • Mediterranean complexion
  • thick blond hair worn slicked back
  • recently divorced for the sixth time
  • killed when he is decapitated by a helicopter blade

Renata – Veil of Midnight

  • Breedmate
  • from Montreal
  • an orphan
  • held against her will by a Gen One named Yakut
  • strong and tough
  • power to deliver psychic blasts that will incapacitate a Breed
  • fast reflexes
  • sniper-level skill with a gun
  • carries custom made blades engraved with Courage, Honor, Faith, and Sacrifice
  • rescued Nikolai from a containment facility and saved him from Bloodlust
  • citrus scent with a mix of sandalwood and rain
  • Breedmate mark on the inside of the right wrist
  • ebony hair worn in a chin-length bob
  • luminous jade-green eyes
  • tall and lean, athletic and very fit
  • guardian and adopted mother of Breedmate Mira
  • mate of Nikolai
  • pregnant as of Edge of Dawn

Rio (Eleuterio de la Noche Atanacio) – Midnight Rising

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Breed Warrior
  • Spanish origins, trace of a cultured accent
  • born in the 1900’s (around 150 years old)
  • overcame a tragic, traumatic childhood
  • conceived when his mother was raped by a vampire
  • mother refused to give him a name, tried to kill him when he was 4 years old
  • called Maldecio “Cursed One” or “Devil’s Hand” as a child
  • able to kill instantly with a touch
  • fiery and impulsive
  • must manage his deadly power with rigid control
  • dermaglyphs cover his arms, shoulders and torso
  • easygoing, charming, and sophisticated until being betrayed my first Breedmate Eva
  • became volatile, angry and unstable
  • handsome before being injured in the horrific explosion set up by his Breedmate Eva
  • has severe scars on his cheeks, brow and on most of the left side of his body
  • a survivor
  • close friends with Niko
  • favors wearing tailored designer clothes
  • now oversees the Order Command Headquarters in Chicago
  • an Elder in the Order
  • thick, wavy espresso brown hair
  • topaz colored eyes
  • over 6 feet tall and muscular, over 200 pounds
  • olive skin tone
  • mate of Dylan Alexander


  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • works in the Eastside Small Animal Rescue Center
  • helps Dante adopt the dog Harvard

Rooster (street name)

  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • human rebel
  • associates with a group of petty thieves and troublemakers
  • known rebel sympathizer
  • occasional supplier to human militant groups and rebel factions
  • hair worn in a red mohawk
  • killed by Nathan

Rudy Duncan

  • first mentioned in Kiss of Midnight
  • employed by the Boston Police Department


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Breed
  • cage fighter
  • part of the Boston underground
  • feared by even the city’s most dangerous criminals
  • brutal street fighter reputed to have never lost a fight
  • 6 foot 6
  • over 300 pounds
  • dark hair and blue eyes
  • secret lover of Carys Chase


Savannah Dupree

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Breedmate
  • originally from New Orleans
  • Cajun
  • shot when she was 18 years old, saved by Gideon
  • convinced Gideon to give up combat for tech
  • power of psychometry, or the ability to read the history of an object or the object’s owner through touch
  • has a calming presence
  • smells of magnolia
  • Breedmate mark on her left shoulder blade
  • beautiful mocha colored skin
  • black hair worn in tight short curls
  • deep brown eyes
  • tall and strikingly beautiful with feminine curves
  • half sister of Amelie
  • mate of Gideon since 1974


  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • receptionist in the Boston Police Department


  • first mentioned in Kiss of Midnight
  • former Breedmate of Tegan
  • turned Minion by Marek 500 years ago
  • killed by Lucan Thorne

Sterling “Harvard” Chase – Darker After Midnight

  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • Breed warrior
  • over 100 years old, but looks 30
  • spent years in Breed Enforcement, so thinks like a cop
  • senior special investigative agent for the Boston Darkhaven
  • BA in political science from Columbia, graduated top of his class at Harvard Law
  • starts off straight-laced and uptight, but spirals out of control
  • fired by the Darkhaven agency after 25 years of service for not following orders
  • could be the brother of Tegan
  • brother Quentin killed by a Rogue
  • seems to be on a suicide mission
  • expert in 3 schools of martial arts
  • spent years in love with his brother’s Breedmate, Elise Chase
  • forced to kill his nephew Camden Chase after he turned Rogue
  • very intense, makes no apologies for who he is
  • honorable, but struggling
  • has the power to wrap himself in shadows
  • excellent marksman, rarely misses his mark
  • skilled in martial arts
  • clean cut with ivy-league good looks
  • now oversees the Order Command headquarters in Boston
  • an Elder in the Order
  • almost pretty
  • 6 foot 6
  • short, impeccably styled golden blonde hair
  • pale steel-blue eyes
  • mate of Octavia “Tavia” Fairchild
  • father of twins Carys and Aric Chase


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Breed
  • cage fighter
  • Cassian’s bodyguard
  • high cheekbones
  • massively muscled arms
  • long blonde hair worn pulled back with a braided leather tie
  • pale blue eyes


Tavia Fairchild

  • see Octavia “Tavia” Fairchild

Tegan – Midnight Awakening

  • first appearance in Kiss of Midnight
  • Gen One Breed warrior
  • formed the order with Lucan Thorne and Marek
  • second in command under Lucan Thorne
  • seems emotionless and cold
  • spent years hating Lucan Thorne, now his closest friend
  • deadliest warrior of the Order
  • killing machine, deadly in close combat situations
  • had been the Breed golden-boy, considered a born leader
  • lost first Breedmate Sorcha 500 when she was turned into a Minion by Marek
  • nearly gave into Bloodlust and turned Rogue
  • has lived only to kill Rogues
  • difficult to get along with, sets himself apart from the others
  • nearly perfect self-control
  • kills first, asks questions later
  • prefers to hunt alone
  • reclusive and secretive
  • telekinetic
  • able to sense truth and emotion through touch
  • has both telepathy and telekinesis
  • favors wearing black leather
  • 700 years old
  • now oversees the Order Command headquarters in New York City
  • an Elder in the Order
  • trains future Breed Warriors in a harsh program
  • dermaglyphs running from his shoulders to mid-thigh
  • 6 foot 6, around 200 pounds of solid muscle
  • long, tawny unkempt hair
  • pale gem-green eyes
  • fair, golden skin
  • mate of Elise Chase
  • father of Micah

Tess Dawn Culver, Dr. – Kiss of Crimson

  • first appearance in Kiss of Crimson
  • Breedmate
  • veterinarian
  • treats injured animals in a poor part of town
  • devoted to her job
  • friend and former girlfriend of Ben Sullivan
  • had a highly dysfunctional upbringing
  • father died in a car accident when she was 14
  • mother was a heavy drinker who died of liver disease
  • physically abused by her step-father
  • has always felt out of place
  • has a stubborn, independent streak
  • can heal, or kill, through touch
  • accidentally killed her abusive step-father
  • becomes the Doctor for the Order
  • cinnamon-vanilla scent
  • Breedmate mark between the fore-finger and thumb of her right hand
  • born November 3rd, 1981
  • strong and lean, but curvy
  • long blondish brown curly hair
  • large, aquamarine colored eyes
  • son Xander Raphael Malabranche born December 17th, 2010
  • mate of Dante Malabranche


  • first appearance in Taste of Midnight
  • works undercover for the Enforcement Agency in London
  • partner of Brannoc
  • long, shoulder length jet black hair worn in a ponytail
  • green eyes


  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • Breed Warrior
  • part of Mira’s squad
  • ability to detect and interpret shifts in energy forces around him
  • razor-sharp cheekbones
  • finely chiseled, exotic look
  • lethal
  • shoulder-length burnished blonde hair
  • two small braids in his hair woven with tiny glass seed beads




  • first appearance in Edge of Dawn
  • human rebel
  • on Bowman’s crew
  • betrayed Bowman and killed Chaz
  • stabbed Candice
  • kidnapped Jeremy Ackmeyer
  • shaggy blonde hair
  • killed in a lab explosion



Xander Raphael Malabranche

  • see Rafe Malabranche


-Z –

54 thoughts on “The Midnight Breed Character Guide

  1. Kal,

    it looks great. Thank you. I am working on putting together Black Dagger Brotherhood. I am almost done. Just adding some newer characters.

      1. JR Ward’s Lover at Last comes out next month, so I might wait to finish the stats since she may add some new characters from what the review says in RT Magazine. But what I have is almost done. Just reviewing the stats from each book.

      2. Take your time – I am working on a few little ones (er, and a big one) too. They are time consuming little suckers, aren’t they?

  2. Kal,

    I just finished reading Edge of Darkness and totally loved it. I was wondering if Lara could pull off advancing 20 years in the future of the second arc of the series. And wow, she did an excellent job on it. She had me at the edge of my seat pretty much from the beginning and I never wanted this book to end.

    Anyway, I had to add more characters and information on my stats so if you can email me again, I will send you the revisions. I put them all in alpha order so it would be easier for you and only highlighted the light blue for the additions or changes.

    I don’t know if you read Midnight Breed series yet but it is one of my favorites with JR Wards, Jeaniene Frost and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s series. I am now reading Kresley Coles series and enjoying them as you said I would. After that will be Nalini’s series.

    1. Hey Robin…you have been busy. I have read all of the Midnight Breeds books, but to be fair I think that I need to do a total re-read of the whole series. I always enjoy the story while I am reading it, but then it doesn’t stay with me for some reason. I think a re-read of them one after the other would get me more involved in the world.

      Thanks again for taking the time to send over your info. You can e-mail it to

      Glad you are liking Kresley, and I really hope you love Nalini, too.


  3. Kal,

    It me Robin again. I have to ask a favor from you. Can you send me a copy of the Midnight Breed character stats I sent you? My computer lost several files and my stats was one of them and I just added more characters from Edge of Darkness so I need all of them together again, lol. I would appreciate it. Thank you sooooo much.

    1. Hey Robin…no problem at all. I have been so busy trying to get the new releases updated that I haven’t had a chance to work on the guides at all (I am always whining I am behind, but this time I am waaaay behind). Thanks again.

  4. Hi Kal,
    Have you found a copy of my latest MB Character Bios from about a week ago? I ask if you could send me a copy that I sent you on “Word”. My computer lost the whole file and I need one to keep but, the newest one I sent you where I added the newest characters and additions from “Edge of Darkness”. I checked my email and haven’t received the copy yet. Thank you again.

      1. Hi Kal, There is no attachments so I haven’t received it yet.. Are you sending me a copy in “Word?”


      2. Hey Robin…I don’t have Word. It seems to be a docx Office file, whatever that means. I will see if I can find a program to convert it to word and send it off again.

      3. Hi Kal, docx is a “Word” program. You don’t have to convert it,lol. But it does need to be ‘attachment’ with the email. If you are not sure how to do it, let me know and I can help.


      4. That is strange, since I have sent it as an attachment three times already. Not sure what is going on. You still didn’t get it?

  5. Kal,

    I will have to just wait till you update this list with the additional info I sent you. For some reason, it is not coming to me as an attachment. When you do get a chance to update it, can you let me know by emailing me? I would appreciate it. That’s ok. When I lost this character bios, I also lost my Black Dagger Brotherhood bios and have to totally redo it again, ugh! And that list was a huge one, lol.

    1. That is really strange. What I am going to do is copy the info you gave me to a page, and you can copy and paste off of that. When you are done, I will deleted it and then use the info to update. I will call the page “for PhoenixFyre”, and add it to the Lara Adrian section. This is the link…

      I have lost the guide info before, and that hurt. A lot. I actually lost one set – twice. Nasty.

      1. I got it. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it. I will send a copy to my email address this way if anything happens to my computer it will be there always, lol. I did “Copy & Paste” it already so you can do what you need to with it. Thank you again. Back to my reading of Kresley Cole’s No Rest for the Wicked. Yum.


      2. Glad you are liking the IAD – those and Nalini are my favorites, and have never let me down.

  6. Rio did not get his injuries during the atack that killed Conlan. Niko was with Conlan during that attack. Rio got his injuries during an explosion with the rest of the Order after Conlan was already dead. It was a setup by his breedmate, Eva. Meant to kill Lucan, but Rio took the biggest hit.

  7. Did I do that? Goodness, if so I am sorry. I know Rio was injured in an explosion in the cave they were to destroy that was part of the Ancient Tomb. That is also where he met Dylan.

  8. PS, Update. Still re-reading and putting together the Bio on BDB. I am only on the second book and it is huge so far so I will have to do a lot of break-downs, lol. But I am enjoying rereading the series. It is my all-time favorite. Just love JR Ward. I will also do her Fallen Angel series. I love doing this:)

    1. I know what you mean – they are time consuming, but it is great to re-enter those worlds looking for details. It never ceases to amaze me how much I missed when I read them for pleasure then go back and read for the guide. I always feel like I accomplished something when I get one finished – but updating when a new book comes out seems to take me forever.

      1. Especially when a lot of new characters are being added. In JR’s new book Lover at Last which I haven’t read yet but have a signed copy, it seems that she has added quite a few new characters. We know that her next book out is from FA series is called Possession (love Jim hate Devina) and for the BDB series it will be called, “The King” which will be about Wrath and Beth having an heir and hopefully a conclusion about Xcor trying to steal the throne. It will be a full-length novel and JR wants to do a major novel on each main character again since it is years later besides writing for newer characters. She is also thinking about a ‘crossover’ with both series. Can’t wait. But I can’t wait for the novel on angel Lassiter. He is my baby. I absolutely love him. The one thing I have to say about BDB is you fall in love with each warrior, not just one. That is great writing and especially when you can reread a series and still love it even more.

      2. I am like that with the Psy/Changelings. Even in her last novella collection, there was a ton of new characters added since she focused on the San Gabriel den rather than the main den (since that is Cooper’s territory). She has the potential for literally dozens of more stories at this point, without ever adding another character.

        I do wonder about going back to do second books for the brothers, though. To be fair, life would’ve changed for them quite a bit in the years, but usually I am happy with them having their HEA at the end of their stories, and to make another full length book there has to be some sort of conflict or crisis arise. I guess I just like the happy to stay happy. Lassiter is the one I am hoping to get my hands on, too – I was actually expecting his book to be coming up quite soon. Any word yet on when?

  9. Here is her Spoiler at a book signing this past weekend. You’ll love it and anyone here that loves her books:

    Next book is about Wrath and Beth and is called The King – it will be about him having an heir…

    Beth’s pregnancy may be more in line with humans given she’s a half-breed

    We will see more of Murdher but it involves Xhex… more when the timing is right

    Saxton – Big keep reading! His Father!!!!!

    Rhage and Mary’s novella. JR is about 146 pages in, just has to finish it. (they want a child)….

    Lassiter will get a book when he’s ready – he opens up a whole story-line and she’s not sure whether he’ll feature in BDB or Fallen Angels (she didn’t not say both.

    She doesn’t know how Layla’s pregnancy will go – a KEEP READING

    How will it work with Qhuinn and Blay, Layla, Xcor and the baby – KEEEEEP REEEADING!!

    Qhuinn and Luchas return to their parent’s house, Qhuinn sees Luchas as a victim and we’ll see more of Luchas

    Lash WILL be back, she just doesn’t know when – EEP!!

    Is there a connection between Michael (Story of Son) and Murdher – answer “Duh!” but doesn’t know if it will be “seen” in a book.

    Did the SV create the Shadows – they are a subspecies that developed

    Assail – Warden thinks he’s awesome, she’s obsessed with him and his cousins are totally effin HOT!!

    There is a nexus with the Fallen Angels battle for good and the development of the BDB plotline – she thinks it could go either way but a crossover is logical

    Will we find out more about the glymera female who had an orgy with the Bastards – yes!

    Will Xcor turn on the Bastards for Layla – KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEADING!!!

    Will we find out about Butch and Manny’s father and if there are more kids – KEEEEEP REEEEEEEADING!!

    Will Butch be in another book? Yes, and we’ll see some closure for him and José

    Are they going to expand the rules for Brotherhood inductions? Yes and Blay, Payne and Xhex could be inducted in future

    Were there a lot of edits for the Blay and Qhuinn sex scenes? – There was nothing edited out.

    Are Tohr and Xcor brothers? Not saying a thing…

    Will we see Layla’s baby soon? Yes.

    Do we know about the coffins in the garage? Not yet but she *thinks* it may come up in The King

    That’s it till the next FA book comes out.

  10. PS. Forgot one more, lol.

    There WILL be more about Jane and V – she’s also talking to her publisher about revisiting each couple in full book form.

    I would myself like to see another one on Phury since his book didn’t do him justice. plus he is the Primale and it will be more interesting to see how things have changes so far by modernizing their lives and plus, we probably will meet more future HEA’s for future characters.

    1. Thanks for the info – she is great to keep the fandom in the loop like she does. I agree about Phury, too – he was my favorite of all the brothers, but his story did not do him justice. And to then see so very little of him in following books was even worse. I would love to see more of him.

  11. I would love to see more of Phury also and Revhenge. We don’t see enough of either of them since their books were out. Maybe that is why she is going to write more novels on them. we don’t see much of the Shadows either. Trez and iAm.

    1. It is tricky when a world gets so big – I guess you have to choose between going ahead with new stories and re-visiting past favorites. Like with the Breeds series – we don’t even know the names of most of the Breed children other than David Lyons, or what happened to previous couples, but there are still so many stories left to tell.

  12. I love series where the main characters come in and out of the series throughout. That is why I love JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Lara Adrian. I get excited when they come back into certain scenes. I can’t picture not having my fix with Wrath, Lucan, or of course Acheron. The main leaders of the series.

    I haven’t gotten to the Breed series yet even though I heard it is fantastic. I belong to BDB/FA on yahoo groups and I heard about these books from other fans. That is what I love about that group. That is how I found so many series to read because of them. So, how is it going with the series anyway? I remember you were reading it.

    1. The Breeds are sort of a creature of their own. Some have a decent storyline, some not so much, but story is usually pretty secondary to the book. I can’t actually point out what it is about them – they are repetitive, filled with continuity errors, you need a calculator to keep track of the grammatical errors, and the character’s physical description constantly changes (sometimes even in the same book). And yet you still can’t wait for the next one. One of the mysteries of life. I just started story number 21, so that means I have 4 more books and 2 novellas to do. I took a break from it since I was trying to get caught up on some of the other guides, but felt like diving back in last night.

  13. Lol, I know what that feels like. Just as it was with the Midnight Breed. Edge of Darkness has added many new characters and additions to the stories because the Breed warriors now run compounds all over the world. The only new character we haven’t met yet but only heard about is Tegan’s son Micah.

    I do have a feeling the next book will be on Nathan and Carys Chase best friend Jordana. And Carys is with bad boy Rune which when Sterling Chase finds out will probably flip his lid, lol.

    I love the way Lara handled the second arc of this series and can’t wait to read more in the future.

    1. I do love to see how good authors can expand on their worlds well into a series. Just when you think there are no more interesting stories to tell, you get another whole offshoot to explore.

  14. Looks great Kal. Glad you added the new info. Did you end up reading the book yet? If so how did you like it?

    1. Thanks, Robin – much appreciated. I didn’t get there yet, but I do hope to soon. Mount TBR is high, and even though I have been trying to be good and control my random book buying, I am still getting swamped under the new releases. It is great, though (better than having nothing left to read, I figure).

  15. Yeah, I know what you mean with the new releases. I have them also and haven’t had a chance to read them myself, lol. Still rereading JR ward’s BDB and working on the character bio’s and then her FA series. The list is growing. A huge cast of characters both original, secondary, villain and people who pop in the books. But I will have it very organized to you alphabetically and info. and will go to her new book Lover at Last. The next FA book is Possession as you know but won’t be out till the fall.

    1. I always check when the next book is out when I am doing a guide and think “lots of time”, but I usually end up just getting the guide done right before the next new release.

  16. Hi, Just want to get your attention that I think you mixed up one fact between Nina and Candice who both appeared in Edge of Dawn — I believe Nina is the one who “witnessed her Darkhaven Breed lover being killed with UV bullets in the streets of Boston”, not Candice.

    Really enjoyed your character guides that reminds me of the characters from the books that I am loving to read. Thank you so much for collating all these character information!

    Thanks a million ^^

  17. Thank you for letting me know this. I will check it out and correct it. I will be updating the guide soon according to the books and novellas that came out this year.

  18. I don’t know if I missed it or not but is Dragos mentioned here? I haven’t finished reading all the books yet but would love to know what happens to him…

    1. No. I didn’t put Dragos in it. I am behind in a few books for this series and will catch up soon. I can eventually go back ad add Dragos but, he is gone, lol

  19. Now Maleeha, why would I give away a “Spoiler” lol. I always tell people and fans to read books for themselves. I think it is more interesting that way plus you have something to look forward to in the books.

    1. Awww… Well I’m half finished with the book before edge of dawn so fingers crossed I’ll find out soon. Thanks for this great list its a great point of reference.:)

  20. Hi:)
    I am looking for a book, but I forgot the name to be honest.
    That is all I know/remember about it:
    -woman jumps out of a window after strange vampires get in her house
    -the guy is Russian, his name starts something with “S”
    -She then lives in a house with other people (the owner is pregnant, and almost gets abducted while getting some clothes from the female main character)
    -swims in a pool
    -HE takes her to his house, where she finds out (finds the blood in the fridge) that he is a vampire.

    I know it is not a lot, but I hope you can help me a little.
    Thank you so much

    1. Hm, hey Therese. The jumping out the window thing makes me think of Sterling’s book, Darker After Midnight. But it has been a while since I read them, so I might be nuts.

      1. But Sterling Chase isn’t Russian and lived with the other males at the compound. Are you sure it is a MB book?

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